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Trimaris Coursing - Links

Historical Information on Hunting and Greyhounds
Elizabethan Hunting An interesting essay by Adam R. Lid.
The Book of the Hunt Illuminations From Gaston Phoebus' book, created in the 15th century.
Greyhounds Galore - UK History of Greyhounds in the Middle Ages and Renaissance.
Greyhound Art Gallery From , a collection of greyhounds in art through the ages

More Historical Information, SCA Coursing Sites, General Coursing & Greyhound Information
How to Get Started in Lure Coursing An article from
Medieval Hunting and Falconry Links to articles and museum web sites.
Adopt a Retired Racing Greyhound! The Greyhound Project's list of adoption agencies-click on your state for a list of area groups.
American Sighthound Field Association Information on the sport of lure coursing for sighthounds.
From Bonnie Dalzell's Home Page An article about coursing in hot weather conditions.
Patterns for greyhound collars, coats, and more! From
Wassail! The Book of the Hunt - A Modern Treatise on Medieval Hunting.
Mediaeval Collars for the Modern Dog An article from Tournaments Illuminated.