Trimaris Coursing Photo Album
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These are pictures from our first run
At Wyvernwoode's Baronial Bash. Many thanks to Caitlin O'Drogheda, who took pictures 1-11, 14-16, and 19-24.

The procession to the coursing field

TRM Gaston and Judith join the procession with Lady Riona and Sasha

Lady Ginevra, Lady Riona, Sasha and Earl Sir Brendan get ready for the first run

TRM Gaston and Judith pose with a GREAT volunteer greyhound

TRH Elena and Odo came to our run, too!

Princess Elena is ready to let slip Slim

Sasha had the honor of being the first hound run on Trimarian soil; look at her go!

Slim goes after the lure with a vengance

When greyhounds attack grocery sacks...

Lord Randwulf holds Slim while the course is reset

We're back on track!

Volunteer Lisa from GREAT gives a talk while Earl Sir Brendan, Lady Riona, and Sasha look on

Baroness Melisande greets JJ the Italian Greyhound and Nancy Cooprider of GREAT

Not even the King is immune to JJ's charms!

The King and the Prince share a laugh before coursing Sasha and Slim together

The Royal Family

Prince Odo makes friends, as others do the same

Meet the kingdom's first hounds of the chamber, Digger and Lookin, with Katherin and Ruiseart

Earl Sir Brendan and Sasha enjoy the morning's activities

Marshal of the Hunt Lady Riona on the course with Slim

Their Majesties spend some time with volunteers from GREAT

Baroness Melisande was happy to have our inaugeral run at a Wyvernwoode event

Ser Severin and Slim, both of House Sinister

"He's a lot smaller than the greyhounds, isn't he?"